Friday, December 18, 2009

Prepare your own bishop dress collar guide continued.........


1 to5 =H-G. 5 to 2 = sleeve width =2½ to 3 times the curve J-J2
For distance H to G see    here    in figure 1
6 to 5 =distance H-J
3 to 6 = under sleeve length measured from arm pit to the required length
2 to 4 =1 to 6 +6 to 3. Shape the curve 6 -5 keeping armhole shape guide

Body front and back

Make four layer fold

7 to 11=H to G and 11 to 8 is 2½ times or 3 times the distance of the curve J –J’
11 to 12 =distance H-J
12 to 9 length of the dress from arm pit
Curve 12 to 11 is shaped using the armhole guide draft.
Open the fold and keep one layer for the front. Cut the other layer in the middle along the line 8 to 10.
Those two portions are right back and left back. While cutting the fabric an extra extension of 1¼” should be made at the opening (shaded portion) for button stands.



Marysia said...

Hi there Vani

Marysia here...............Thank you so so much for posting the link to your site on Country Bumpkin.

I have been trying to get help for so long. You are totally amazing.....You have totally blown my socks off, you wonderful lady.

You have written the instructions just like you would find them in a Pattern Drafting book. I love your style as it is neat, orderly and methodical........which is the way I tend to be.

How did you learn to do it??

I just need to try and find the outstanding measurments that I need, as I want to draft for 3 months up to 2 years old and I cant find the Australian measurment charts that give more than just chest, waist and height..........

Vani, how would I work out what sleeve width I need??

Again, thank you so much. I have written all over the world, and you have sorted me out.

What can I do for you??

Kindest regards,

Mahalakshmi said...

Hi Vani,
I really don't how to thank you for this lovely tutorial.Ignore my first comment.I didn't read the 'to be continued'.Then after going through the second one, I drafted the pattern and HURRAY!I got it right.Once I finish I will mail it to you, if you can give me your mail ID. The way you have posted the tutorial is amazing.Thanks a lot

vani said...

Glad you were able to do it!

jananisiva said...

hi vani

I m glad to see ur blog.U have explained everthing in such a easy way.Thanks for posting ur url in indus ladies..I would like to know how to draw collars for salwar..can u explain that..Thank u once again