Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stitching peasant top

Join front and back of the bodice to right and left sleeves as given 1-2 to 3-4,5-6 to 7-8,9-10 to 11-12 and 13-14 to 15-16.Attach 1½” bias binding to the neck keeping right sides together .Fold over and stitch .This is the casing to pass draw string. Make a small button hole in middle of the front to pass draw string. Fold over the edges of the sleeves to make the casing for elastic, Pass elastic of the length equal to sleeve round and secure the ends to the sides of the sleeve by 2 or 3 back stitches. Join sides of sleeves and bodice .Fold the bottom by ½” and stitch. Pass a draw string through the neck casing


Savitha said...

Dear Maám,
Just finished stitching a peasant top for my daughter based on ur measurements and instructions.it has comeout perfectly. Thanks a lot for the same. Can u please check the sleeve width measurement suggested in the peasant top? Initially i took full sleeve width then found that if taken that way, it will not match the diagram. so took half the sleeve width. Then it came out correctly.

vani said...

Sleeve width is different from sleeve round.Sleeve width is half of sleeve round.I feel you must have taken sleeve round instead of sleeveround

mycrochetworld said...

thanks vani you are great....i m a biggner and blog helps me a lot.. thanks once again.


seamstress21 said...

Dear Vani,
Thanks a lot. You have given detailed instructions. I had wanted to sew for a long time but didnot know how. This is a very helpful blog. Is this peasant top also suitable for adults or do I have to make changes. Because, I want to make one for myself.

vani said...

This is suitable for adults also.

Akshatha said...

Thanks for the instructions madam.Can you please teach how to make a shirt blouse for. Ladies and also women's blazer.