Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fitted facings

Fitted facing is also called shaped facing.In this method, facing is cut in the same shape of the neck. We can tell it is the duplicate of the shape of the neck. The edge that is to be stitched to the neck line has the same contour of the neck .The other edge of the facing is usually parallel to the edge to be stitched to the neck. Sometimes it can be of different shape. Almost all the types of neck can be stitched by this method. It gives a very good finish.
It is better if the facing is prepared from the same material as the garment. If the material is not wide enough pieces can be joined taking care of the grains. Seams should be opened and pressed.



grace said...

hi vani this is grace,i reallly get so excited every time i visit ur blog or ur posts ,i am learning a lot,really thank u,and am really for ur videos !!!!!

grace said...

hi vani can u show me how to cut that kind of neck and also the same kind of neck with many curves,also one more thing can u tell me how to stitch a blouse with deep neck at the front and back without the neck falling off the shoulder,also actually i stitched a blouse ,it came out good but the problem i s that the front part that is at the chest it is tight ,what should i do to increase the cup size,plsssss reply,wish i could chat with u if possible