Friday, December 11, 2009

Methods of stitching neck

Neck can be stitched by giving piping or bias facing or shaped facing
As soon as the fabric is cut stay stitching should be done at the curved edges of neck and arm hole. This prevents the neck and armhole from losing their shape while handling.

Piping method

Piping is suitable for neck designs with wide curves.Neck designs with narrow curves are not that suitable.
Cut Bias binding four times the width of the finished binding .Press the seam allowances of ¼” on the longer edges of the binding. Stitch the bias strip to the neck keeping right sides together and having a seam allowance of ¼”. Turn the bias binding over the raw edge to wrong side and hem in the line of the machine stitch. If you want to machine stitch, turn the bias binding over the raw edge to the wrong side such that the binding just covers the machine stitch and tack. Machine stitch from the right side. Stitch in the seam joint of the neck and bias binding.


Sangeet said...

Hey vani,

I was wondering if u have the drafting for the Angarakha style neckline.The overlapping kind of style use in rajasthani traditional kurtis..


geetha said...

hi vani,
let me thank you first for this wonderful is very informative and useful.i know stitching.
if you could clarify this doubt of mine it will be great help for me.
how should we make the neck wide and deep(deep at the back)when i do this the shoulder get drop own.will not stay in the exact position.
thank you in advance and my hearty regards.

geetha said...

hi vani,
let me thank you first for this wonderful contribution.i like your blogs very much.
dear vani if you could fix this doubt of mine about neck cutting it will be great help for me.
what should we do when we make the neckline wide and deep(deep at back)?when i do this the neckline is dropping down(as in it gets more widen) .
hanking you in advance and my hearty regards

vani said...

To keep wide and deep neck in place neck round reduced by cutting off 1/4 inch near the button stand edges.this means the button stand is curved near the neck edge. Edge of shoulder line near the neck line is also chopped off a little bit.These things make the neck line to stay in place. Fabric tubes are also attached near the shoulder line to stop the shoulder from drooping.

anitha said...

hi vani,
I found ur site when i was thinking of joining a stiching class. I know a little stiching. Thank you for ur site i can get some help here.I will explore ur site still more and will get back to u.


Gnana Belsiya said...

hai am belsi. this page is very useful to stitching. i know the basic level only. now i do deficit work also very easily. help this page only. thank u

Molly Jose said...

Hai mam when am stitching sareeblouse there forms a bag on the back of the armhole how can I correct it.pls help.