Monday, February 23, 2015

Kimono sleeve nightgown with round yoke

Here are a few images which show the method of preparing the draft of kimono sleeve night gown with round yoke.

Prepare the draft of nightgown with kimono sleeve

Kimono sleeve nightgown draft
Draw lines as shown in figure 2

Figure 2

Separate round yoke from the skirt portion.

Figure 3

Place the skirt portion on another sheet of paper and spread as shown and draw the shape as shown by dotted line in figure 4

Figure 4

Cut on the dotted line and remove the new draft.

New draft

While cutting the fabric 1/2" extra is added along the curved edge  A-B of the yoke and curved edge of the skirt A'-B'.This is for seams.Same draft is used for the back skirt portion


Gather the skirt portion and stitch to the yoke.The rest of the procedure is same as that of kimono sleeve nightgown.Stitch a belt of contrast colour and secure it to the middle  near the waist line at the back.



rajalakshmi mithun said...

Hi vani Ma'm
I am a new follower of your blog. I got a sewing machine as a gift, which happens to be the first one I ever touched, and you're my only teacher. Following your posts I made three nighties and few frocks, all of which turned out well. Thank you very much for your help..
I am so pleased to see your new posts after such long time. Ma'm I have an 18 month old boy. Please post something for him.
Thank you

dsdsds said...


can you please teach us how to sew a boat neck for salwar and blouse.

Also those round neck for children's frocks can be used for salwar kameez also??

kiran v said...

Hello vani madam,im mrs.kiranmayi from running my own art & craft institute.recently ive created a facebook group by name Kreative Krafts string art & other crafts- tutorials,for helping all the art & craft lovers.m very much impressed with ur blog.ur mode of presentation & explanation is vey good & innovative & helpful to n number of small request for u is..can i post ur blog link to my kreative krafts that many more intrested people can learn from u.plz grant me the permission.thank u.

kiran v said...

Vani madam i dint get ur mail id so im posting my request here.