Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kimono sleeve nightgown with flare

Prepare the draft of the kimono sleeve nightgown as explained HERE.

The portion of the draft which is above the line C-J is body and the portion which is below the line C-J is skirt portion.
Divide the skirt portion in to three portions by drawing lines P-Q and R-S.( Figure 1).
Cut the skirt portion along the lines in the direction Q-P and S-R till the points P and R and do not separate. (Figure 2)
Cut along the line C-J and separate skit portion from the body portion.( Figure 3)
Spread the skirt portion as shown in the figure 4 on another sheet of paper and secure them with pins.
If you want more flare you can spread them more.

Figure 4

Draw out line of the shape thus formed as shown by dotted lines. Cut the shape out. This is the new flared skirt portion. Figure 5.

Figure 5

Same  draft is used for the back skirt portion of the nightgown.
Body portion is different.While cutting the fabric an extra 1/2" is added along the lines C-J of the body as well as  to the top portion of the skirt .This is for seams.

Attach skirt body and proceed as explained HERE.
Stitch a belt of contrast colour and secure it to the middle  near the waist line at the back.


rajalakshmi mithun said...

Hi vani m'am
Thank you for the newer posts.i am a new follower and stitched 3 nighties and two frocks by following your blog. I never had any experience with sewing machines, and you are my only teacher. I was worried that you stopped posting.
I am so happy to see you again. Please post something for little boys, my son is 18months.
Thank you

Vivek Sharma said...

Vani ji...
..Im novice (new) to stitching....
Learning from net, and I found your blog quite helpful.
I even didnt have a sewing machine and planning to buy one budget is 8000/- (can extand a bit).....but as i didnt have any knowladge i am confused.....can you suggest me something.....actually there are many companies and lots of model......can you suggest me a good one....please

vani said...

you will get Usha automatic machines for your budget.They are good