Monday, February 13, 2012

Preparing draft of A line frock with round yoke -variation 4

Prepare the draft of A line frock as explained here without extension on the shoulder line Draw new armhole
curve L-E as shown by dotted line. In this garment there is no difference between front armhole shape and back armhole shape. Curve L-E is common for front and back of the draft..

Produce the shoulder line F-L to L’ such that L-L’ = 1” to 1½”. Curve G-F is back neck line. Mark G’ on the line G-B such that G-G’=F-L’. Draw curve G’-L’ keeping the distance between the curve G-F and G’ L’ constant.The shape F-G-G’ L’ F is back yoke.
 Curve F-H is front neck line.Mark H’ on the line G-B such that F-L’ =H-H’
Join points H’-L’ by a curved line, such that the distance between curve H-F and H’-L’ constant.
The shape F-H-H’-L’ is front yoke.
On the draft of the front mark point X at the intersection of the curves L-E and H-L’
Separate the yoke from the skirt cutting along the curve H’-X

On the draft of the back mark point Y at the intersection of the curves L-E and G-L’
Separate the yoke from the skirt cutting along the curve G’-Y.

Add an extra strip of width ½” along the line G-G’ of the right back yoke for seams and add an extra strip of width 1” for the left back yoke for extension along the line G-G’
Add extra ½” along the curves L’- X -H’-X-’ L’ of the front yoke, curve  L'-Y-G' of the left back yoke and curve  L’-Y'-G'  of the right back yoke.
Add ½’ extra for seems along the curves X-X’ and Y-Y’ of front and back skirt.



Sushma Krishnadasan said...

thank u maam for posting all these varieties of frocks I will make each one of these for my daughter

sapna said...

thanx a lot !!!atlast someone posted so valuable information thanx and keep it up !!
mrs. sapna singhal

Shalini Rajesh said...

Thanks Maam! I respect your knowledge of stitching & more than that idea of sharing with many like us. I would expect to see more. I ensure that I see your blog whenever I login my system. Hats Off to you!!!

Kaveri Vasudev said...

Thanx mam for such clear instructions... Even for a beginner like me you make it simple to understand. Request you to write a tutorial for boys shirt and bolero jackets. Thank you very much.

maryam nauman said...

Thank you vani gi you are the best.

Nettem Pavani said...

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Maritza said...

Thanks a lot for sharing the pattern. I loved it. I come from Chile