Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aline frock with flounce Variation 3

Prepare the draft of "A line" frock. On the draft of the front mark three curved lines dividing the draft below the chest line  into three equal parts.I have marked them with dotted lines,Do the same thing for the draft of the back..Stitch the A line frock as usual..Attach flounces on the lines marked.
Please refer step frock tutorial for  method of attaching flounces


Sushma Krishnadasan said...

yippee, i have found a treasure

nirmala said...

wow vaniji..u hav water marked ur pics now..very good..atleast now the shameless people will stop copying ur work :)and after a long time iam visiting ur blog..good to see ur photo here..all the best vaniji :)

vani said...

Sad thing is he has removed the water mark and used my images.I have added text on many images of mine.