Monday, May 12, 2014

Method of sewing night dress with round yoke -Style 2

Prepare the draft basic simple night dress and make the following changes.
( Figure 1)

Produce shoulder line J-H to R such that H-R = 1 ½ “. Widen the neck line as shown in the figure such that head passes through the neck. In this design there will be no neckline placket. P-Q is the new neck line.In this design front and back neck line is the same.  From the point R draw new yoke line R-S so that the width of the yoke is same all over.  Mark new armhole line H-F in between the back armhole line H-O-F and front arm hole line H-N-G. New armhole line cuts the yoke line R-S at the point T. In this design there will be no difference between front armhole line and back armhole line.

Cut and remove unwanted shaded portion .( Figure 2)

New draft will be like this.( Figure 3)

Separate yoke from the skirt by cutting along yoke line R- T-S.( Figure 4).Divide the skirt portion by drawing parallel lines U-V, W-X, Y-Z as shown .

 Cut the draft along these lines. (Figure 5) .

 Place the draft on another sheet of brown paper and spread the portions as shown in the figure 6 and Fix them with mask tapes. Join points T and D by a smooth curve.

 Cut along the lines T-F-I-M-B-E-D-This is the draft of the skirt.( Figure 7 )

Cut the pattern pieces using these drafts as shown in the layout.Do not forget to add ½” seem for skirt top and yoke bottom as shown by purple lines.

Pattern pieces ( Figure 9 )

Follow the method as explained here. 


escenavegant said...

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PRIdesigned - The designer people said...

waiting to try this one. You are my tailor guru.
Can you please show the method for boys shorts and ladies shrug.
For kameez now shrug is in fashion it seems..Thank you.. Im a person getting very much benefitted from you

roshny majo said...

madam pls give a tutorial for boys shorts .

Raghavi said...

Dear Madam,

Thanks for sharing details. Madam, can you please show the method of folding cloth for stitching a nighty, like how many folds is required and also saree blouse. Thanks..


Sewing from Scrap said...

Hi I am trying to find your tutorial for the childs bodice block so I can do another of your wonderful tutorials,please help

nimmie said...

Hi Vani, thanks a lot for your tutorials. They are very easy to understand and very clear. I stitched a night dress for my mother using ur tutorials for basic and with round yoke night dress. I put the yoke only to the front. It came out really nice. So im very happy about it.thanks again. In this round yoke style 2 i have a something to know. Vani how much inches should i keep in between those stripes UV and WX and YZ

vani said...

there is no fixed measurement.if the stripes are equal in with it is enough.Just divide the portion which comes in the middle of the front.