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Method of sewing simple basic night dress

 Bodice draft of simple kameez can be used to prepare the draft of night dress.Night dress is easy fitting garment.Hence extra ease is added to bust and hip measurements. Scye depth is increased by ½ ".If  the dress is stitched with  sleeves, width of the sleeve is also increased according to taste.Length of the dress is also depends upon the taste.
 I feel cotton material is  with dainty prints are suitable  for night dress.

Measurements needed

3.full length 

Method of preparing the draft


Draw the draft on a folded sheet of paper.
Mark point A on the fold.
From point A draw a perpendicular line to the fold. On this line mark C such that A-C =½ of Shoulder width + ¼”.
A-J = Neck width =1/12th chest + ¼” or to taste.
A-K =Back neck depth = 2” or to taste.
A-L =Front neck depth =A-K or to taste.
A-D =1/8 chest +3".
A-E =Waist length + ¼”
A-B = Full length + 1”
From points D, E and B draw perpendiculars to the fold A-B.
On the perpendicular line at D mark point F such that D-F =¼ chest+ 2”
On the line D-F mark G such that A-B =D-G. Join points C and G.
 On the line B-G mark point N such that G-N= 1”
On the same line mark point H such that C-H =¾".Join J-H.
On the perpendicular at B mark point J such that B-J =¼ chest + 10” or to taste. Join F-J.
Perpendicular line drawn from the point E meets the line F-J at point Y. E-I  is the waist line.
 On the line F-J mark point M such that M-J =¾” Join points B and M by a curved line as shown in the figure.
Mark point O such that N-O =¾”.

Method of marking point O

Through the point N draw a line P-Q parallel to D-F Bisect the angle ∟PNC. Z-N is the bisecting line. On this line mark point O.
Shape back neck J- K and Back scye H-O-F.
Shape front neck J-L and front scye H-N- F.
Cut the draft along the lines K-J-H-O-F-I-M-B.

Paper pattern oieces

Separate the two layers by cutting along the fold. Keep the bottom (which has no markings) layer aside. This is draft of the back.

Take the top layer and cut along the front neck line J-L and front scye H-N-F. This is the front of the draft. 


Place the paper draft on the fabric as shown in the layout and cut the pattern pieces

Pattern pieces

Cut an opening X-Y measuring 4”or to taste on the front pattern piece as shown in the above  figure.


Finish the neck opening as explained here.
Join front and back by sewing along the shoulder lines.
Stitch sides .
Finish armholes and neck with piping as explained here using bias strips of same material or contrast material.
Finish the hem .
Stitch a belt  using the remaining cloth If you want to tie at the waist line.
Stitch belt carrier bars at two sides at I and I" and at E  on the back and pass the belt.
Simple night dress is ready!



Akshatha said...

Hi mam,I just love your instructions.can u please teach how to stitch a ladies shirt with yoke and shirt collar.

Esmeralda Flor Monteiro said...

Hi Vani, pls show the tutorial for a skirt with band

Usha Suresh said...

Madam namaskarams nima blog thumba chennagithe

Esmeralda Flor Monteiro said...

Hi Vani, can you pls show me the tutorial for pillowcase dress.

Nettem Pavani said...

hai mam gud mrang maku downlode chesukune vidhanga youtube dwara maku help cheyagalarani asistunnanu please mam lekunte e blog dwaranaina maku downlode chesune vidhanaga maku help cheyagalarani asistunnanu

vani said...

Hi! Nettem Pavani,
You cannot down load my instructions.I have disabled Right click,I was forced to do it as some used to copy my posts and post in their blogs .I do not mind if they use my blog and learn,I do not like cheating.I cannot post videos as I have got no help to take videos.All are working and busy.Sorry!

anaswara79 said...

Hello mam, do you teach in person also. I want to learn sewing and embroidery. I live in Bangalore.

vani said...

Sorry I will not take classes.I will post tutorials when I find time.It is my hobby.

Red Wood Creations said...

Very nice post, impressive. its quite different from other posts. Thanks for sharing.

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Prakash Reddy said...

Hello Vani Amma,


Wonderful blog you are maintaining with wonderful people who has passion in threads,designs and cooking which is my favorite subject to explore.

Out of this passion I am into service of spreading knowledge to people who really needs to learn and earn.We Youngsters need blessings from elder people like you.

Wish to meet you if time allows.


Rachel Hood said...

Dear Vani, I'm so impressed with your easy to follow tutorials. I was wondering if you could post a tutorial on how to sew a hoop skirt/ crinoline skirt or a poofy underskirt to wear under ball gowns.

Unknown said...

Very good explanation mam,it wouls be great if u can post children frocks and dresses with sample measurements

Babydoll said...

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