Saturday, March 22, 2014

Method of calculating other body measurements from chest measurements

Using chest measurements we can calculate other upper body measurements.This is for standard body measurements.But to get good measurement it is good to take measurement of each part.
Neck= ⅓ chest + 2½"
Waist =chest -5 to 7 "
Seat = Chest + 2 to 4"
Across chest  = ⅛ th chest + 2¼"
Half back =⅙ th chest + 1"
Half shoulder =⅙ th chest 1½ to 2"
Upper arm or biceps =  ¼ chest + 2 to 2½"
Scye depth =⅛ th chest +  2 to 2½"



Suchetha Santhosh said...

Dear vani,
Is the drafting method same for all body types?Os is there small changes to be for eg..sloped shoulders,straight shoulders,for person with big tummy.
If there r alterations to b made please tell me how it is done.thank you.

sewnembcrazy said...

1/2 shoulder and 1/2 back are not clear since we see a square before the chest in both kindly check

vani said...

1/2 shoulder and 1/2 back is 1/6th chest. For me also yesterday it was looking like a rectangle.This morning when I tried to correct it is 1/6.Any way I added th next to 1/6.I think it might be server problem.

Anu Reddy said...

Dear Madam,

Thanks a lot for your detailed tutorials.....its really helping us. I am beginner doing diploma in Fashion Technology. This is really helping me a lot.

Mam Can you please explain how to sew
Tutu Dress
Princess Dress
Balloon dress

to toddlers. please mam

Riitu Dadhich said...

Half shoulder =1/6 th chest (+) 1½ to 2"

Is it correct then?