Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Method of making pattern for "Low cowl neck line"

Prepare draft of front and back of bodice as in figure 1.
Make a few changes in the above draft to make a pattern of low cowl neck.


From bust point O draw a perpendicular line which meets the center front at F.
Mark point A on shoulder line such that E-A =1½”.
Join A-F.
Mark another point B between points E and A.
Join B- F by a curved line as shown in the (Figure 2).


 Mark A’ on the shoulder line such that E’-A’ = E-A +¼”
Q’-F’ = 1½”.
Join points A’ –F’ by a curved line as shown in the figure 2.

A’- F’ is the new back neck line. Cut along the line A’-F’ and discard the shaded portion (Figure 3). This is the draft of the back for low cowl neck.


Cut along the line F-B from F to till point B without cutting the shoulder line.
Cut along the line F-O till the point O and not through the point O. (Figure 4).

Take a folded sheet of paper and draw a parallel line X-Y 6” below the short edge as shown in
 figure 5.
Place the draft of the front on the folded sheet such that center front F” R’ is on the fold and point A is on the line X-Y. Spread the sections such that point F touches the touches the fold. Secure the positions with pins or mask tape. (Figure 5).

 Turn the folded sheet of paper back along the line X-Y. Draw the shape of the pattern all around as shown by dotted lines. Cut along the dotted lines (Figure 6).

Open the fold on the line X-Y. Draw the shape of facing and cut (Figure 7).

 Open the folds of the draft. This is the draft of the front of the low cowl neck pattern (Figure 8).


Stitching is same as that of mid-depth cowl.



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Wow!! what detailed instructions. I've just started to sew for my daughter and blogging about it. The tutorials will be of great help for sewing for myself. Thanks for being generous. Thanks, Preethi.

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Dear Ms Vani ma'am, if you please help me in drafting and stitching bell sleeves and butterfly sleeves.

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