Sunday, December 8, 2013

Method of stitching davani for Bharathanatyam costume

Davani of the Bhatrathanatyam dress has got two parts, front portion and back portion, which are stitched together. Stitching line sits on the shoulder line.  Front portion is pleated but back portion will be plain. strings or cloth patties are attached to the front and back portion to tie around the waist.


Front length
Back length
Shoulder line width

Method of taking measurements

Method of sewing front portion
Method of sewing back portion

Finished Davani



Anonymous said...

please post ur new works.we are waiting eagerly

nayana vaste said...

hii mam i am soooo thankfull for this bharatnatyaam tutorial i was surching for last so many days finally i found it on ur blog but 1 quary that how to stitch removable big fan of dress this will help me a lott thank you once again