Friday, September 2, 2011

Kameez with overlapping front

Preparation of the draft
In ladies garments right front overlaps the left front. Draft of simple kameez is used to prepare this type of kameez draft.

Trace the draft of the right front on a sheet of paper. An extension of 4” Is added as shown by shaded area in the figure 1.

Trace left front on another sheet of paper .An extension of 1½’ is added as shown by shaded area in the figure 1.
There is no change in the draft of the back and sleeves of the kameez
Neck and button stands can be decorated with matching piping or border.

To keep the neck and waist in place press studs are sewn near the neck , waist and center of the garment  inside the garment at A, B, and C as shown in the figure 2 .

Loops or buttons are sewn outside the garment as shown in the figure 3.



Sreedevi said...

Thank u so much.You are really great.

Susan Jacob said...

Hi vani,
I was searching for an overlapping and peter pan neck drafting.atlast i found your blog and i t was very useful. thank you.Im a new student in this field(amateur).Hoping to refer your blogs for further studies.
gr8 blog


jyothi said...

hi vani mam,
i just want a help from you. when i stitched my kameez the only the neck didn't come up nicely. it got widen ,how can i change the neck.can i do overlapping or something else

vani said...

which type of kameez did you stitch?.If it is overlapping one you add 1" border or a band all along the neck line Just like the maroon band in the image that I have shown.

Anonymous said...

Dear Madam
I am a regular reader of your blog. really nice.

For kameez with overlapping front:

Can you please give more information on how to cut and stitch?

I tried to draw and cut in paper, but it did not come out correctly.