Friday, February 25, 2011

Method of sewing sleeveless blouse

Using a basic bodice draft , a sleeveless blouse draft can be prepared by making certain changes.
In a sleeveless blouse shoulder width should be less than that of blouse with set in sleeves. Or else the shoulder line droops. It is better to have closer fitting underarm seams. If not under garments can be seen through the armhole. These changes can be done by making following changes in the basic draft
Trace the draft of the front and back of the bodice. Mark point X along the shoulder line such that R-X is 3/4" .Produce the side line L-K to Y such that K-Y =3/4". Re draw the armhole line as shown by red dotted line .Do the same changes for the back also. Sew armseye with fitted facing to get good finish.Same method can be followed to sew other sleeveless garments



Anonymous said...

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reach said...

Thanks a lot vaniji, will follow it as per the guidelines,
Really nice blog, I appreciate your efforts
Best regards

nuz said...

Hello Vani-ji,

Iam having difficulty in sewing a sleeveless portion. The edges are getting rolled. I cut the shoulder as per the guidelines you have given. Should I add a piping or a butter paper?

Also - when cutting the sleeve, should I fold the fabric lengthwise? that is, if the sleevelength is 7 in - then I should measure 7in along the selvedge and then fold it over? And then should this folded portion be placed on the edge of the cutting table? or perpendicular to it.


vani said...

The sleeve round can be finished by piping method using contrast clour material for the piping. It can also be finished by fitted facing.

selvedge should not come at the edge of the sleeve.

Sangeeta said...

Hello vani
can u please post trackpants drafting , i need to make one for my son!

anumita said...

hi vani
thanks for adding me.

anumita said...

hi vani
thanks a lot for adding.

Niki Aye Ayehh said...

Thanks. this helped me :)


in ur blog i donn't understand where u use the biceps measurement for drafting blouse with sleeves. could u explain why then it is measured. thanx a lot for ur blog. it is quite helpful for me otherwise


can u explain why we measure the biceps for making the blouse with sleeves?