Sunday, January 30, 2011

Half umbrella cut skirt.

Prepare the draft of the bodice as explained   here.
Prepare the  skirt as explained below.Join skirt  to the bodice



carlamb said...

Muito interessante seu blog. Parabéns.

vani said...

muito obrigado pela apreciação


Lucas said...

nice blog.
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Greetings from Germany

vani said...

Danke, ich besuche deinen Blog

Zee Bee said...

For umbrella skirt is it waist/6 or is waist/3 or does it change with half umbrella skirt and full umbrella skirt

Emy Monteiro said...

Hi Vani, Good Afternoon.How is your mummy? Is there any improvement? Vani can u pls help me I hav cut a semi flare skirt with gathers I want to put a zip at the back should I give a slit n fix it or shld I put placket. Pls reply as i am stuck with the skirt.regards Emy

vani said...

There is no improvement in my mother's condition. Thanks for your concern.
Fix the zip in the side opening.I have explained it here half umbrella cut skirt you need not make an opening by making a slit since there will be stitches at sides.

Emy Monteiro said...

Hi Vani Thanks for your reply. Hope God will do what is best for your mummy n give you strength & energy to look after her.take care regards Emy