Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to sew seams - Part 2

French seam

French seam is a strong seam. I can only be used on straight seams. Finishing of the seams is not needed. It is very useful for stitching under garments and sheer fabrics; it is not suitable for heavy fabrics.
Stitching method.
Keep wrong sides of the material together, Stitch on the right side ¼” away from the seam line in the seam allowance.
Trim the raw edge to 1/8” from the line of stitching and turn to the wrong side.
Crease the joint, press. Fold on the line of the joint. Stitch on the seam line.
While stitching care should be taken such that the raw edge of the seam does not show on the right side.

Flat-fell seam.

This seam is used for men’s shirts and pajamas. It has got two parallel rows of stitches.
This is the strongest seam.
Keep wrong side of the fabric together and stitch on the right side on the seam line .Trim one side of the seam by ¼”. Turn under the raw edge of the other seam and place it flat on the trimmed seam and top stitch close to the folded edge

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