Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is an easy fitting garment for children from 6 months to 3 years.This is the basic design.We can create many other types from this.Neck and sleeve edges can be finished with piping . collar can also be attached.Elastic of length little less than the thigh round is inserted at the bottom
Measurements needed
Full Length
Sleeve length measured from the nape of the neck
Thigh round

A-B= Full length + 1/2'’
A-D = Waist length
A-C =1/4 chest
Draw perpendiculars from A,C,D and B
A-E=1/2 shoulder+1/4”
A-F =sleeve length measured from the nape of the neck
C-H = ¼ chest +1⅟2”
Produce C-H to G such that C-G =A-F
D-J =C-H.Produce D-J to K such thatD-K =1/2 chest
D-K =B-Q Join K-Q
Mark M on the line B_Q such that B-M =⅟12th seat
Mark L on the line K-Q such that Q - L =⅟6th seat
Join   M-L. this is back leg shape.
Draw another curved line M-L Which is front leg shape  as shown in the figure. Let the mid - points of the curved line and straight line be 1” apart.
A-R =⅟12th chest +⅟4”
A-N =1”
A-O=1⅟12th chest +⅟2”
Shape front neck O-R and back neck N-R
F-P =1” Join R-P.
G-H =!”. Join P-H
Join L-H by a curved line as shown in the figure.
O-S =front opening line =⅓ chest + ⅟4”
Join shoulders.
Finish  sleeve edges by PIPING
Stitch sides.
Join front and back of the Romper by joining along the line M-B-M.Finish thigh round by PIPING  or by attaching frills


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nice design .. i like it .. very sweat .. ^_^ ..