Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jabla with overlapping front

This dress is suitable for infants.
Measurements needed
Length =10"

Draw perpendiculars A-B and C-D from the points A and C
A-B= ¼ chest+ 2”
Join B-D.
Mark J on B-D such that B-J =¼ Chest-1”
Join J and D by a curved line as shown.
A-E= G-F=1/12th chest and A-G= G-F=1/12th chest +1”
Draw a parallel line H-I, 2” away from line A-C
H-I is ½” less than line G-C
Shape front neck line E-G-H and back neck line A-K

Join shoulder lines of front and back together with right sides together.Finish neck line and sleeves with piping.Stitch sides .Finish the bottom hem also with piping.Stitch snap fasteners to the front opening.


Ramya said...

Dear Vani ma'am - I first tried this open Jabala. I am very happy with the results. Thank you very much. Just one clarification - The arm hole seemed to be too small. What can I do?

Ramya said...

Hi Vani ma'am. I tried this and the results were good. Thank you.

vani said...

Keep the measurement B-J 1/2" or 3/4" more

don said...

Hi vani mam is these measurements suits 2 year old baby