Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rolled Peter Pan collar

This collar is made-up of a single piece. It is turned down with a rolled effect at the neck line.
Join Front and back bodice at shoulder line
Measure the neckline of front and back.
A-B = ½ neck line +¼”
Draw perpendiculars from A and B
A-C = collar width=2½”
A-C = B-D
D-F =¾”
B-E =1½”
Join E-F
Shape A-B-F and C-F as shown



naznutty said...

I am a follower of your blogspots, i have learned many things thanks to your blog. Could you please give instruction on how to sew the collars as ive never sew collars before. if there was some pictures as well that would be wonderful thanks.

Could please also show how to attach fabric tube to necklines and sleeves thanks you.

nasira said...

heello vani
would u pls give a lil more explanation about the stitches and joing of parts involved in saree blouse stitching mam which will help me a lot