Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Convertible collar

Convertible collar is a pointed collar.It is worn with the neck button either fastened or unfastened.

A-B= ½ neck line of front and back +¼”.
Draw perpendiculars from A and B.
A-C =collar width=3½” or to taste.
A-C = B-D.
Mark H on B-D such that B-H =¾”
Produce C-D to E such that D-E =1 ¼”
Join H-E and produce to F such that E-F = ½”
G is midpoint of A-B.
Shape curve G-B and curve C-F as shown in the figure.



Kathleen Fasanella said...

The collar pattern for the blue shirt doesn't look like the draft you provided. This collar looks like version "B" as shown on the same page you found a photo of this shirt and explains why the collar doesn't break.

vani said...

Thank you very much for correcting me.
I will change the image

raje said...

Dear Vani, Can u help with chinese collar. Thanks

Smitha Ranjith said...

vaniamma..thanks for sharing the cutting method for collar..but pls mention the stitching method also..will b so thankfull

Smitha Ranjith said...

vaniamma..thankyou forsharing the cutting method of the collar.pls share the stitching methodalso..
Smitha Ranjith

ashraj said...

thank you for the tutorial. can I copy this for my reference.

ashraj said...

thank you for the tutorial. can I copy and paste this for my reference. thank you

sucheta mukherjee said...

please show us the step by step method of stitching the collar.

Unknown said...

Show us the step by step procedure