Friday, April 16, 2010

A line Kurthi


Simple kameez draft can be modified to A line Kurthi by making following changes.
The length of Kurthi is measured from the nape of neck to hip or to taste.
Shape of the side is should be changed.
This dress can be stitched with or without waist darts.
Figure 1 is the draft of simple kameez. Pink dotted lines show the changes that are made.
A-Z = Length of Kurthi
Draw perpendicular from the point Z.
Z-X=D-F +2½”. Join F-X.
Figure 2 is the draft of A line Kurthi.


Draft of the Kurthi sleeve is same as draft of the Simple kameez sleeve.



veena said...

can u please post the drafting for collar neck kurta and also draftings for different types of collars.i'll be waiting for ur reply.

vani said...

I will try.
best wishes

veena said...

Hi Vani,its good to talk 2 u.can u please clarify my doubts about,
1 - y is that my seam for sleeve and the armhole of the body(i.e front & back) r not correctly matching?
2 - i hav drafted the kurta according to ur draft but while attaching the sleeve it was not matching to the exact armhole rounding as i hav taken for the kurta (sleeve became small and was not matching to the total armhole rounding notch).
Also here the same problem i.e armhole and sleeve are mismatched even though i hav taken correctly th seam allowanc to attach th sleeve.
so can please clarify my doubts ,
i'll be waiting for ur reply.
thanking u.

vani said...

Sleeve must be eased and shaped to fit the armhole Cut a small notch at the center of the armhole of the sleeves. Match this notch with the shoulder line of the bodice and pin.Pin front and back of the seam edges of the top of the sleeve to the front and back of the seam edges of the armhole of the bodice. starting from the middle tack the sleeve front to to the bodice front stretching a little bitif necessary.Do the same thing for the other side also. Even this dose not fit take little deeper shape in the sleeve top

Lata said...

Hi Vani,
These days I am trying to sew Kurtis. No experience in sewing but just started. Did two pieces but not upto the mark. Can you tell me what is A-line Kurti? I want to try this one soon.

Also where is the sleeves pattern on your site, I couldn't find it.

vani said...


A-line style, just as the name suggests, the kurti, takes the shape of an A. It is fitted at the top and widens up, as the length of the shirt increases.
Please see simple kameez post.There I have given the draft of sleeves

Bala said...

Dear Madam

Though I know sewing, I learned only through trial and error method. your blog is very useful to me now to stitch dresses for my kids. Thank you so much.

I have a problem. Though I take measurements as per your pattern, the backside is not in proper shape near the shoulder. it is little loose. What may be the reason?

I am also from bangalore. Are you conducting any classes, so that I can join the sessions?

vani said...

I have given general method of drafting.We have to change the draft according to our body.if backside is loose take the back armhole shape little bit inside and try.
Sorry I am not conducting any classes.I am doing this as a hobby.

Bala said...

Thank you madam, for your prompt reply.

can you give some tips on shirt for boys?

Shweta Akshay Prabhu Verleker said...


i wanted to ask you one thing.. is the method used by you similar to that of the Japanese ppl.. cos i remember seeing something similar in one of their books..

vani said...

I have not seen it so I cannot tell

spandana sri said...

hi thank u for the information of the dress cutting.

gurmeet kaur said...

Hello Madam,
Can you tell me how you draw the diagrams for your post.I mean is there any software?If yes which one?Or by some other way you did?Plz reply.If possible mail me the answer.My e-mail id is

gurmeet kaur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vani said...

I think I had answered your question .I have used which is free software.You can download from the web .

Srilatha Kandula said...

mam namaste
i am srilatha with ur inspiration i've stitched some of my daughters cloths. meeru oka ssari choosi ela unnayo inka suggessions chepte i'll feel happy

Megha said...

Vani avare, i am seeing your blog for the first time today and love it. I have learnt to sew and used to stitch for a long time and then i gave up. I want to start again but have lost my books. I would like to take some guidelines from you. Would you please send me your contact details to my mail id



Anonymous said...

very nice!!!!... Thank you mam..

Nettem Pavani said...

hai mam good mrng youver explanation is very naice

Satrani Fashion said...

wow..interesting we can make own v line Kurtis.