Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Six piece sari petticoat

Measurements needed
Hip- measured around the widest part of the hip. Usually 7” or 8"
below the waist line.
Full length
Width of the waist band.
Instructions for drafting
Line A-F should fall on the fold
A-F= full length –Waist band width .
Mark point D on A-F such that A-D =7 “or 8”
Draw perpendiculars from A, D and F
A-B =1/8 waist +1/2”
A-C =1/2 “
D-E =1/8 hip + ½”
Join B-E and produce. This line meets the perpendicular drawn from F at G.
G-H =1/2”
Shape B-C and F-H
Cut along C-B-H and F
Cut along the folding line C-F and separate the sheets.


Fold the material twice, making 4 layers. Place the paper draft on the cloth as shown in the figure B and cut.



We get 6 panels 2 central panels, 2 right side panels and 2 left side panels as shown in figure C


Join the side panels to the central panel. 2-8 to 3-9, 4-10 to 5-11. Do the same thing to the other set .We get 2 pieces A and B, one set for back and the other for front. as shown in the figure D

Now we have to join front to back.Keeping right sides together join front to back. Join 1-5 to 4-8. On the other side keep an opening of 6”. Join9-6 to 10-7.Do not stitch the portion 2-9 and 3 -10 together.Turn them inside and stitch separately. This is the side opening.

waist band

Measure the top of the petticoat (waist line) and cut a waist band ABCD 6” wide and length equal to the top of the petticoat + I”. Fold ½” on ends A-C and B-D of the waist band and stitch. Fold ½” along A-B and C-D and crease Open the side A-B and attach it to the petticoat top from inside. Keep right side of the band and the wrong side of the petticoat together and stitch on the crease made earlier .Fold the band length wise stitch the edge C-D to the waist line so that the fold just covers the machine stitching at the waist line. Turn the bottom of the petticoat by 1” and stitch.-Run a draw string along the waist band.


Tripti said...

I normally stitch 8 pcs petticoat with the flat and the slanted edges stitiched together.
Can you tell me how the petticoats which fit the body till thigh-length and then flare up are stitched?


Tripti said...

I generally stitch 8 pcs petticoat with the flat cut stitched to the slant cut and the fitting comes out okay.
But I have seen some girls wear petticoats with better fitting at the waist to thighs and flare at the bottom. Can you tell me how to cut cloth and stitch that?


saleth said...

plz show me how to fold the cloth for a eight piece saree petticoat, I will be much obliged.

RM said...

I have been following your blog for sometime and maashaaAllah I am really impressed and you inspire me a lot. Thanks for all your efforts.
Can I know how much material one might need to stitch this petticoat?

vani said...

If it is 40"width 2 meters of fabric is enough.(Twice the length of the petticoat.)

Phil said...

Dear Vani
I have never stitched a sari petticoat before. In fact my stitching experience is practially nil. I found your instructions and am humbled by your generosity of spirit in sharing this valuable information.

Thanks very much Phyllis

Phil said...

Dear Vani
I have never stitched a sari petticoat before. In fact my stitching experience is practially nil. I found your instructions and am humbled by your generosity of spirit in sharing this valuable information.

Thanks very much Phyllis

Kavitha Rauff said...

Dear Madam, Thank You very much for posting the Saree Petticoat and other Designs.will you give training , if yes where and how can i get training.

vani said...

Sorry. I am not conducting any classes.

vizion silks said...

Hi ,
I would like to discuss more about petticoats and require your help. can u provide me ur email and contact address with phone numbers.
swarna 9481487398

Ananthalakshmi said...

Dear Vani mam,
Great tutorial. I have a doubt in this. When you are refering A-F, you have given as full length - waist band width 6". My doubt is when you are folding and stitching waist band it will be less than 3" apart from seam allowance. Hence my humble opinion is we shall deduct only upto 3".

Next one is when producing BE it meets the perpendicular from F at G (you have given as at H) and then we have mark GH = 1/2"

Correct me if I am wrong in both.


vani said...

Thank you for correcting me.Sorry for the mistake. Ananthalakshmi.I have corrected the mistakes

angayarkanni meenatchi said...

Mam, how to calculate the measurement for BF.
please add details mam

vani said...

There is no B-F. It is B-E

Vikis Kitchen said...

I followed this saree petticoat inskirt tutorial and stitched my own satin inskirt. I have never stitched any dresses , as I am new to this art :) But your blog is very excellent for me to learn. Thanks Madam.

Sujitha Vijayakumar said...

How to calculate waist band width.
Do we need to subtract waist band width from full length for A-f.

vani said...

width of the waist band is according to your taste.If you want to have waist band of 2" wide you must take cloth of width 2x2" + 1/2" x 2 for seams .that means you have to take cloth of width 5".

ponnis said...

is it not required to add ease allowance ma.

Hemamalini Manikandan said...

madam, i am hema, petticote method showed is good,whether u released any tailoring book,so that i could buy book and stitch at home

vani said...

Sorry I have not written any book yet

Radha Sujana said...

mam,could u explain about fishcut saree petticoat cutting..
does it looks good for net sarees

Swati Vishnu said...

You are really great.. wht a neat and clear descriptn u are giving. Even a beginner can follow u easily.. hats off to you amma. Am ur grt fan.

Swati frm kollam,kerala