Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to stitch the neck opening

If the neck is small an opening can be made in front or back of the garment,Mark opening a-b on the garment.Do not cut.Cut a piece of facing P Q X Y, 4” wide and and the length being 2”more than the length of the opening.Mark the line of the opening of the same length on the facing also. Turn1/4 “ under on sides and bottom of the facing ( x-p, p-q and q-y). Fold the facing on the line a-b.Place the edge against the line a-b marked on the garment,keeping right sides together.Line a-b on the garment should coincide with the line a-b on the facing.Secure them with pins.Stitch along the m-b and n-b. (Slant lines} m-a = a-n =1/4” Reinforce at the point b.Cut along the line a-b taking care not to cut the stitches.Turn the facing to the wrong side.Crease along the seam line and press.Hem the edges x-p,p-q and q-y to the garment.


Sunitha said...

Hi Vani,

I liked your explanation very much. Its so clear and crisp. Share many more such tips please.

vani said...

Thank you sunitha

uma said...

pl.how to stich blouse

Durga said...

Hi Vani,
Will you please explain how to stitch kameez neck

Durga said...

Your explaination is superb. Will you please explain how to stitch kameez neck

vani said...

Hi Durga
Please see here

taurean said...

Hi Vani,

I tried this V -neck opening!...turned out perfectly...!...Thank you so much..!..Could you tell what should be done to alter this to a U - neck opening??

vani said...

Hi taurean
This opening is for round neck not for v neck.If you want u neck take neck depth more and neck depth little less.draw u neck and proceed.

mcx nse said...

hai vani bamma how to stich dress neck piping

vani said...

Hi, mcx nse
Please see here

sarita said...

Thank you for your instructions.At first I could not understand but then I practically tried it and it turned out real beautiful. Thanks.God bless you.

toolika bajpai said...

Hi vani
Please share the tutorial for making housecoat
Thanx a lot