Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eight piece saree petticoat

Full length
 Waist round + 2”
 Hip level
 Hip round + 2’
Belt width
 2” extra is added  to the original waist round and hip round  for ease.If you want more you can add more.

A-B =full length –belt width +2”.
From A draw a line A-D perpendicular to line A-B and equal to half of  waist round /8+½”.
Mark C on the line A-B equal to hip level + 1/2".
From C draw a line C-E   perpendicular to A-B and equal to  half hip round /8 +½”.
From the point B draw a line perpendicular to A-B. Join D-E and produce. This line meets the perpendicular line drawn from B at the point F.
On the line D-F mark point H such that F-H = ¼”.
Join G-D by a curved line as shown I the figure.
On the line A-B mark point G such that A-G =¼’
Join G-D by a curved line as shown in the figure.
Cut along the line A-D-E-H-B-C-A. This is the draft of one piece or panel.
. Cut 8 such pieces.


Join the sides of 8 panels side by side as shown in the figure 2 .While stitching start from the waist line end and end at the hem line.
 Finally first panel is joined to the eighth panel in the same way leaving 3” from the waist line for opening and stitching the rest till the hem.
 Turn the each side of the opening twice inside with in the seam line and stitch. (Figure2)

Measure the waist line .Cut a strip of cloth PQRS whose width equal to belt width+ 1" and length equal to the waist line + 1”( See Figure 1)
. Fold short edges P-R and Q-S ¼” inch first press and fold again by ¼” and stitch.
 Pin one of the long edges P-Q or R-S to the strip of cloth to the waist line keeping right side of the strip and  the wrong side of the garment together  and stitch having ½” seam allowance.
 Turn the strip up and press.
 Fold the raw edge of the waist band by ½” and press.
Now fold the entire waist band towards the right side of the petticoat and place the folded edge on top of the stitch which is used to attach strip to waistline and stitch.
 Finish the hem by folding it twice . You can also finish the hem by attaching frills or lace. In that case full length A-B should be reduced according to the width of the frill or lace.
 Pass a draw string of required length through the waist band. At least 6”of the band should be outside the waist band. Secure the draw string to the waist band in the middle by a few stitches so that draw string does not come out while washing.


ponnis said...

vani amma is 4 pieces enough

vani said...

calculation is different for 4 pice petticoat

ponnis said...

waist 36
36+2= 38/8= 4.75+4.75= 9.5

9.5* 8 pieces it would be 76 inches

that is why i asked whether it is 4 pieces.

vani said...

Sorry there was a mistake .I have corrected it. It is half of waist round and half of hip round.
No need to add ease at this stage as ease has been added to the measurement itself

ponnis said...

thanks ma....

Swarup roy chowdhury said...

mdm i want to learn the measurement of all size petticoat plz cn u help me by image of cutting plz..

vani said...

I have given general method of calculation.Follow the same procedure and caluculate for various measurements and prepare the draft.

Nikhat said...

What is the measure of AD? Is it 36"width of the fabric/4?

Zaibun Nisa said...

Thank you Mam.You have explained very simple and easy it is very useful for me.