Friday, October 14, 2011

Method of sewing A line frock and Reversible A line frock

Prepare the draft of A line frock

A-B =length + ⅟₂”
A-C =⅟₄ chest +⅟₂”
Draw  perpendicular lines from the points A,C and B. Mark  point D on the  perpendicular line drawn from  A such that A-D =⅟₂ shoulder +⅟₄”
Mark point E on the perpendicular line drawn from the point C such that C-E =⅟₄ chest +1⅟₂”
On the perpendicular drawn from the point B mark Point J such that B-J = C-E + 2”
A-D =C-K. Join D-K.
On the line D-K mark point L such that D-L =⅟₂”
Join the points E-J. On this line Mark point I such that I-J =⅟₂”.
Join band I by a curved line as shown.
A-F = neck width=⅟₁₂ th chest +¼”
A-H = front neck depth ==⅟₁₂ th chest + ⅟₂”
A-G = back neck depth 1”
Join G-F and H-F as shown.
K-M =1”
Shape back scye L-E and front scye D-M-E as shown
Cut along the shape G-F-L-E-I-B.
Cut along the line G-B. Keep one piece aside. This is back draft.
Take the other piece and cut along the curves F-H and L-M-E. This is the front draft.
This is the draft of A line frock.
Reversible A line frock
Prepare the draft of A line frock.
We have to make some changes in the draft of the back for reversible A line frock 
Take the back draft and add an extension X-Y-Z of height 3” as shown in the figure. This can be done by cutting a separate shape and pasting it along the shoulder line.

Method of cutting fabric for  reversible A line frock
Select two fabric pieces with different designs.Call them Fabric type 1 and fabric type 2

Place the draft prepared on folded pieces of fabric and cut the pattern pieces of each type of fabric as shown in the layout.

Pattern pieces

Pattern pieces
Stitch reversible frock as explained in the following images.



Geet said...

Superb work vani. I have visited your site for the first time. Thank you very much for having such a informative blog!


I find your blog today! its great, now following, thanks a bunch for doing this huge effort for teaching others, I am not interested in sewing but my Mom always force me to do this :) well i will try to inspire by your awesome tutorial :)
Love ~

thomaru said...

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not2complain said...

Wonderful work...always wanted to sew more, never able to spend enough time on your patterns. Would like to show my daughter, she sews (gave her Moms' machine). Definite follower here!

Thendral said...

I made one for my sister's new born daughter. I have posted it in my blog. Thanks for sharing this.

evani said...

thank u for the post.i started the drafting of 'reversable a line frock' for my grand daughter,she is 2years old
i struck at the point c-e=1/4ch+11/2"
that meansover all we have to add6" for front& i right.please clear my doubt

vani said...

Hi Evani
It is quarter chest + one and half inches.

Maymunah said...

Hi vani do have a tutorial on taking the child measurements to make the Aline dress pattern

Maymunah said...

Hi vani do have a tutorial on taking measurement for the A line dress pattern

vani said...

I have posted method of taking measurements is same for adults and foe children

Maymunah said...

Hi vani could you please tell how I can adjust an A line dress to add pleats at the neckline. I am really strugling with this and would love your help

Rashmi Vittal said...

Very detailed and useful pattern making tutorial !

Dhamodharan Raman said...

Hi vani ma'am, thank u for this useful tutorial.can u b able to explain the reversible A line frock in video please. I'm having a baby now,I want to stitch for her.

Divya Nila said...

Madam, can you please tell how to calculate the A-G that is the back neck depth in terms of chest measurement for example you have given A - H= front neck depth = 1/12 th chest +1/2" like that I want to know A-G. Thank you in advance.

vani said...

Back neck depth Is usually kept 1" If you want deeper you can keep more.