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Night dress for young girls

This night dress has a shoulder wide round yoke with lining .Gathers of the skirt is sandwiched between the yoke and its lining and stitched. It has got puff sleeves.length of the dress depends according to taste.Yoke and neck can be edged with lace or piping or frills .It has got front opening.Using this draft, sleeveless dress can also be stitched.
Prepare child’s basic bodice draft as in Fairy’s costume (figure 1)

Separate front and back of the bodice. (Figure 2)

Take a sheet of paper and fold it in to half length wise. A-A’-X-X’ is the folded sheet of paper. A-X is the fold line. Length of the folded sheet A-X should be equal to length of the night gown +1”. And width A-A’ should be equal to or more than line O-D of the bodice draft.
Pin the bodice front on the sheet of paper keeping the edge I-C of the bodice front falls on the fold line A-X and point N falls on the line A-A’. (Figure 3)

Produce D-E to X’ such that O-X =D-X’
Mark P on the line I-C such that I-P =N-G.
Mark point Z on the arm round from where the armhole shape starts to take a curve
Shape the yoke curve P-Z-G Keeping the width of the yoke same throughout. I-N-G- Z-P is the front yoke.
Cut and remove the shape I-N-G-Z-P .This is front yoke folded. Cut and separate along the line I-P. These are right and left front yokes.
Stick these yoke shapes on to another bigger sheet of paper and seams of ½” along the curve .Add extensions for the neck placket, ½” on right front yoke and 1½” on left yoke. (See figure 4.)

The remaining portion of the draft X-C-P-Z--D-E-X’ is used to prepare skirt front.( Figure 5)

Stick another piece of paper behind this draft near the curved line and mark a line ½” above the curved line P-Z .This is for seams. (Figure 6)

Divide the skirt portion in to three equal portions. ( Figure 7 )

On a different sheet of paper draw a line of length equal to twice O-D or to taste. Arrange the panels as shown. Two gaps should be equal to one another. Join the three panels by a new curve P-Z .Cut along the lines P-Z-D-X’-X ( Figure 8 )

Follow the same procedure and prepare back body yoke H-Q-N-G and back skirt Q-Z-G-D-E-Y’-Y
Parts of the night dress

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Aysh said...

ur blog is very nice... i am making a anarkali top using ur pattern can u please tell me how to estimate how much cloth i will require. i am 5.3 feet tall and slim. i need for full sleeves. also can u please write about how to make a top with lining. very thankful to u for ur patterns. bless u.