Monday, August 9, 2010

Body measurements of babies and children

These tables are from National Bureau of Standards Body Measurements Tables

I thought that they will be useful to stitch clothes for babies and children





Thendral said...

I am having a three and half old daughter and I love stitching for her. The table will be very usefull for me. Thank you.

vani said...

I am very happy to know it is helpful to you
Happy stitching

Manaza said...

Very useful table, thank you so much. Like this can we have a measurement chart for adult kurthis or salwar kameez.


The Shark Writer said...

Hi i am looking for new born measurements. Are these in cm? Thanks.

vani said...

It is given in both unit of mesurments.The one which in brackets are centimeters .the other is in inches.

Jaspal Kaur said...

Very useful

Jaspal Kaur said...

Very useful thank you

Preetha gururaja rao said...

Very useful info. Thanks Mam. What is back length mentioned in the measurement table? Please explain Mam.