Monday, November 23, 2009

Pattern making(for begginners)

Making a paper pattern is a must for the beginners. I prefer to make paper patterns and then cut the fabric. It saves time and material and the paper draft is reusable. We can adjust the placing of the paper pattern on the fabric according to the material available. If the fitting is not good we can make necessary alterations in the paper pattern itself. Same paper pattern can be used as basic and design different patterns
Materials needed
1. Sheet of paper.
We need thick sheet of paper if we want keep the draft for a long time and use it again and again. If not news paper is well and good. Once we get correct fitting we can make cut pattern in thick cardboard and use it for future use.
2. Pencil
3. Eraser
4. Ruler
In the paper pattern ½” seam allowance will be there unless it is of the parts should be written .If two identical parts are cut separately we have to mark R and L on the draft. For example sleeves. Especially while cutting plain material we end up cutting two right sleeves.
½” seam should be added to attach button stands. If we have ample material button can be cut along with the bodice. Care must be taken to mark the place by notches from where the button strand starts. Notches should be made to mark important points that must coincide while stitching. The point of notch should project beyond the cutting line of the pattern.



Frenie Agbayani said...

Thanks for the post and links – I’m still pretty intimidated by trying to switch things up when I sew for me, so these will be super helpful pattern making tips.

Gayathri Ramachandran said...

Hiii.. madam.. am gayathri.. its vry helpful to me.. am doing stitching nd hand embroidery.. both of 2 r my hobbies.. i need to knw abt princess cut kameez.. can u plz give the method of cutting nd sewing of princess cutting kameez.. plzz maam