Thursday, October 8, 2009

Simple pinafore dress

Method of drafting

A-B = length of the dress + 1” + 1/2 “
A-D -= I /4 chest+ 1/2”
Draw perpendiculars from A, D and B and mark the points C, E and F as follows:-
A-C = shoulder width + ½ “
D-E=1/4 chest +1” + ½”
B-F = D_E + 2”
A-C =D-L .Mark point G on C-L such that C-G = ½” Join H-G
Join E-F. Mark H such that H-F =1”
A-H = 1/12 chest + ¼”. A-I = 1/12 chest + ½”
Shape back neck K-H, Front neck I-H.Shape scye C-G-E. Shape bottom .B-H

If the cloth is wide enough button stands can be cut along with the back as shown. Otherwise separate pieces are joined.



Join left and right of the back pieces till the button stands. (Shown by dotted line) 

Stitch right and left button stands .Join shoulders .Stitch neck and armholes with matching piping. Stitch

sides. Finally fold bottom by 1” and hem.


san said...

hai vani mam i liked your method of instruction.please teach me how to draft a mens shirt pattern .i want to make a shirt for my hubby as a birthday present.expecting the reply soon.sandhya

Phil said...

Hi Vani

I have never stitched a sari petticoat before. In fact my stitching experience is close to nil. I am humbled by your generosity of spirit in sharing such valuable information in a thoughtful way. Thanks so much

Cristina said...

Hi vani,
Just saw your blog and i love every tutorials...
I'm a Nigerian and I love making cloths... :)